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Hey, I’m Dougie, welcome to Matched Betting Beginner. I’ve been running Matched Betting Beginner since 2013 and have been matched betting in the UK since 2012. Over the years I have learned a lot about matched betting.

Here on Matched Betting Beginner, I will be showing you how to do matched betting, how to make tax-free cash in the UK each month, and much more.

Where next?

I have written quite a few guides about different aspects of matched betting. The best few to read first, in my opinion, are:

  1. Matched Betting for Dummies – This is my go-to guide for matched betting beginners.
  2. Matched Betting Review – Here I review all the available matched betting services that I have tried.
  3. OddsMonkey Review – OddsMonkey is the matched betting service I use and here is my honest first-hand experience of the service. OddsMonkey costs £29.99 a month or £249.99 a year and well worth the money when you’re making £££ each month.


My matched betting blog features information on my betting, sporting events that are useful for matched betting and how you can take advantage of those, frequently asked questions about all things matched betting, and much more. You can read more on my matched betting blog.


I write a lot of matched betting guides about all sorts of things. You can read all my matched betting guides here.


You can do matched betting manually without any tools but that’s the route to little profit and a whole waste of time. In my tools section, I will show you what you need to get matched betting done, fast and effectively. Check out my matched betting tools here.

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