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Matched Betting Software

I use and recommend OddsMonkey which is one of the best matched betting softwares on the market.

Manual vs Software

There are pretty much 2 options to do matched betting. The manual option is you can do matched betting manually, that means locating offers to place bets on, work out which bets to place, how much the bets are to place, and when to place them. I did it a few times and it took a long time so was more effort than it was worth.

The software option is where you can use matched betting software to do all the hardwork and time intensive stuff for you. I recommend using OddsMonkey as it's the matched betting software I use myself. This option means all the offers are checked, there is a comprehensive walthrough on how to do each offer, and they have oddsmatcher software that takes all the guesswork of how much bet to place, what to bet on, and when to do the bets.


OddsMonkey has all the of latest offers for you to get started. This is combined with a comprehensive step by step guide for each offer. There is also complete beginner guides on how to do matched betting, which is perfect for you to scratch up on your matched betting knowledge.


This is probably one of the main reasons to sign up and use OddsMonkey. Their oddsmatcher scans the latest odds and helps show us the best options for placing our bets.