OddsMonkey Review

Ta-dah, here is my OddsMonkey review. But before I start, I just wanted to say that I used to use MatchedBox before they ceased their service a little while ago. Since then, I have used OddsMonkey who are just as good (and have some amazing additions that no other matched betting service has). They have since helped me make on average £1,000 tax-free per month. In 2016, I earned £11,235 from matched betting with OddsMonkey’s help.

In the meantime, it’s definitely worth signing up to for the free trial. It’s free after all and you can earn up to £45 straight off the bat.

Ok, time to crack on with this OddsMonkey review. I’m sure you guys are all dying to know is OddsMonkey worth it?


If you are completely new to matched betting then you may be unfamiliar with OddsMonkey. Originally, it was set up solely to provide the oddsmatching software for other matched betting services – so pretty much it provided the main bit of software that other services used and continue to use.

Since 2016, OddsMonkey decided to throw its hat into the ring and provide its own matched betting service. Which, in my opinion, is great news for matched betting beginners and pros alike.

The headline claim is that OddsMonkey will help you make up to £1500 per month from matched betting. This is my honest review of OddsMonkey and how it can help you make a decent profit.


How does OddsMonkey work?

Simply put, OddsMonkey does all the hard work and all you have to do is follow their instructions. If you are new to matched betting then sign up to the free trial and do their two free offers.

There is a video on OddsMonkey’s homepage that can explain it with fancy graphics. Just head over to oddsmonkey.com and scroll down to the ‘What’s it all about?’ section. I can’t show the video on this review of OddsMonkey, sorry!

OddsMonkey Review

Is OddsMonkey legal?

Yes. The betting industry knows about it and, it’s been reported, that the industry is ok with matched betting. My thinking on this is that both bookmakers and betting exchanges benefit in a few different ways. This could include: the increase in the number of active users on their sites increasing the flows of cash for their business, and, more bets being placed benefits the house when the odds are lowered.

Is OddsMonkey a scam?

No. OddsMonkey is completely separate from the bets you place on bookmakers and betting exchange sites when doing the offers. So, there is no possible way for it to be a scam. The only cash it makes is from selling OddsMonkey Premium.

Is OddsMonkey a get rich quick scheme?

No. Definitely not. You won’t get rich of this. It’ll help you make up to £1500 a month (advertised claim) but realistically you’ll make somewhere roughly between £500-£1500 on any given month depending on how much cash you have to do the offers, how many offers you can get through, amongst other things. That profit is completely tax-free by the way because in the UK all ‘gambling’ profits are exempt from taxation.

How much does OddsMonkey cost?

As I write this review of OddsMonkey, other than the Free Trial, to get yourself up and running, there are two price Premium plans for OddsMonkey. There is a monthly option that which is currently at £19.99 £15.00 per month and an annual option at £239.88 £150.00 per year. The annual option pretty much gives you 12 months for the price 10 months. I recommend the Premium annual option as that little extra saving does help to keep the cost down of matched betting.

OddsMonkey Premium

OddsMonkey Free Trial

The OddsMonkey Free Trial comes with two offers that will help you make up to £45 profit. It comes included with a full set of easy to use training guides, doesn’t require any payment details (good!), and you get support ticket based customer service support.

This is comparable with the average free matched betting service trial on the market today. So if you are a matched betting beginner then it’s worth signing up to try out the two free offers and make up to £45 profit.

OddsMonkey Premium

OddsMonkey Premium will help you make up to £1500 per month. That’s the advertised claim but realistically, and from my own experience you will most likely earn somewhere between £500-£1500 on any given month due to cashflow reasons, availability of offers, how much time you spend matched betting, etc. That is still pretty decent though. I’m not complaining.

OddsMonkey Pros

Let’s start with the Pros:

  1. They have all the offers beginners need to make money from matched betting.
  2. They are the original developers of matched betting software.
  3. For the service level, the price is very reasonable.
  4. Premium gives you more tools, including Dutch search, Daily Offer Calendar, The Racing Matcher, and EV Calculator.

OddsMonkey Cons

There aren’t many Cons… but here they are:

  1. I would like to see more video training guides and video how-to videos on the free trial. (Update: OddsMonkey have now been adding video guides – which is great to see that they are continuing to make matched betting easier for beginners).
  2. I would like to see a better user experience with a central dashboard. (Update: OddsMonkey have now added a dashboard as the main screen you head to after logging in. This is a big improvement in user experience).

OddsMonkey Alternatives

You can find out about all the OddsMonkey alternatives by checking out our Matched Betting Review.

OddsMonkey Review: Is OddsMonkey Worth It?

Ok, time for the big question, is OddsMonkey worth it?

I think OddsMonkey is great. I used to use MatchedBox before their service ceased, but OddsMonkey (as the original matched betting software developers) are a great alternative for matched betting beginners and pros alike.

If you are a newbie then I would recommend signing up for the Free Trial and try it out. If you follow the instructions you could make up to £45 profit. Cushty!

If you are more of a seasoned pro, then I would recommend jumping straight on to the Premium annual plan. It will save you a few quid against the Premium monthly plan and I have the feeling that OddsMonkey may have a few tricks up their sleeve in the coming weeks and months.