Track Your Profits – Stay in Control of Your Matched Betting

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Track Your Profits – Stay in Control of Your Matched Betting

Profit Tracking in Matched Betting

Keeping track of where your money is is very important when matched betting. Not only is it important to measure your profits, but it is also important to know exactly where every penny is at all times, so you don’t forget about any of your funds.

MBB Profit Tracking

This becomes more and more important as you do more and more matched betting. When you have accounts with many different bookmakers and are placing multiple bets daily, it can soon become hard to keep track of where your money is. This gets even harder when you start making withdrawals, as they don’t come through to your bank account instantly. Luckily for us, there are a couple of things we can do to make sure we never encounter any problems, and are always on top of our matched betting funds!

What Should I be Keeping Track of?

For each betting account you have there are certain things you should keep track of. These include:

  1. Bookmaker Name
  2. Amount Deposited
  3. Amount Withdrawn
  4. Amount Pending Withdrawal (waiting to hit your bank account after making withdrawal request)
  5. Current Balance

Not only is it important to track these amounts, but by doing so we are able to calculate our profit.

To calculate your profit using the recorded data above, we must perform a simple calculation. The calculation is as follows:
(Withdrawn + Pending + Balance) – Deposited = Profit

Profit Tracking Solutions

When it comes to tracking our matched betting profits, there are a couple of solutions available to us. The first is using a spreadsheet. I used a spreadsheet for a couple of years and never encountered any problems. However I did sometimes get frustrated with having to use formulas to add and subtract from my totals. I also found it annoying that I had to be at my computer to update my account balances. Sometimes I would be placing bets on the go, on my phone, and by the time I had got home I couldn’t remember exactly what had been going on with my funds while I was out. This got me looking for an online service that would allow me to update my details with ease from anywhere, on any device. I couldn’t see any online solutions so I decided to create my own! And now I am making it public for anyone to use for free. Continue reading to take a look at some of the features of my free online tracking tool.

My Free Profit Tracking Tool

There are several advantages to using my profit tracking tool here at Matched Betting Beginner.

  1. Free Access
  2. Access on the go
  3. Access on any device
  4. Simple and easy to use
  5. All calculations done for you
  6. Automatically calculates profit
  7. Automatically calculates totals

My free profit tracking tool allows you to access and update your tracking data on the move and on any device. This is great for when you’re out and about and means you can update your account details there and then, rather than having to wait until you are back at your computer. The best part of the tool is that its easy to use, all calculations are done for you automatically so there is no chance of you making a mistake. Once you have added a bookmaker, you can update the details with ease. Simply click on the bookmaker you wish to update, then enter the amount you wish to either plus or minus from the appropriate box.

MBB Profit Tracking

Whats the Catch?

There’s no catch! All I ask is that you share my blog with your friends and family to help support the site. If you don’t want to do that its still cool for you to use the tool for free.