Matched Betting Checklist

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Matched Betting Checklist

As a complete matched betting beginner I put together this checklist I use to double check I have everything sorted before I start. I thought I would share my matched betting checklist with you. Looking for advice on matched betting multiple accounts?



Use an odds calculator
Use oddsmatching software
Use a matched betting service
Use a spreadsheet to manage your accounts
Do your research and preparation
Read the free bet T&Cs
Only bet what you can afford
Best day of the week is Saturday
Only ever sign up with a debit card
Check that your bet on a betting exchange is fully matched not unmatched or partially matched
House share? You may need a matched betting vpn


Don’t bet when tired
Don’t expect to get rich quick
Don’t use another person’s details, address or card
Don’t create multiple accounts on bookmakers sites
Don’t create multiple accounts on booking exchanges
Don’t use multiple accounts for matched betting


Hope my matched betting checklist helps you out.