Life Changing

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Life Changing

A few months back I introduced a friend of mine to matched betting. Since then he has gone on to have tremendous success, making a lot of money along the way. This got me thinking just how life changing matched betting can be. I mean, an extra £1500 is serious money, in fact its more money that a lot of people get paid each month, especially when you take in to account that its completely tax exempt. With this in mind I thought I would write a short post to highlight just how profitable matched betting can be.

£18000 a year (potentially)

18 grand a year, tax free, imagine how this could help you in your every day life. This is the reality for a committed matched bettor consistently making £1500 a month. This figure often leads those who are not familiar with what matched betting is to say that it is a scam. But lets take a closer look at how such vast profits are possible.

Huge Potential

There are literally hundreds of online betting companies, and most of them offer regular matched betting opportunities. If we divide 18000 by 365, we can see that we only need to make £50 each day to reach this figure. Considering the huge number of opportunities available to do so, this is not an unrealistic figure. Besides, even if we only made £10 a day, that still equates to an extra £3650 a year that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. And considering we only need to spend a very short amount of time matched betting per day, it is far more profitable than the majority of jobs! I challenge anyone to put forward a more lucrative money making machine that operates within the law. The other great thing about matched betting is also fun! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy seeing money rolling into their bank account with minimum effort!