The Euros are here!

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The Euros are here!

So, today is the day that England kick off their Euro 2016 tournament! France opened the tournament last night with a 2-1 win over Romania, in a game that saw Payet of West Ham score a potential goal of the tournament to win it late on. Tonight its the turn of England who face Russia, and considering England have never won an opening game at the Euros, who knows what will happen. On paper, England should win, but the history books suggest otherwise.

Euro teams to watch

There are some seriously strong teams in the Euros this year. The usual suspects of Germany Spain are tipped to go far, but there are some other teams in the running to cause an upset.

  1. Germany

    Germany are obvious favourites. They are the current world champions and are just consistently good. They just know how to win.

  2. Spain

    Not the force they were a few years back but still seriously good. No-one seems to be talking about them much, but remember they have won the previous 2 Euro competitions and are current champions.

  3. Italy

    Often go far in major tournaments. Italy seem to either be really good or really bad. Lost in the final last time round. A team to take notice of.

  4. Belgium

    Belgium have possibly the strongest starting eleven in the tournament, there team is seriously good. With the likes of Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku and Christian Benteke its no wonder they are tipped by many to go all the way by many (including us).

  5. France

    Not the strongest French team to go to a major tournament, however they are on home soil and have got history of winning the tournament. Don’t rule them out!

  6. Portugal

    Like England, always seem to bottle it. But they do have Christiano Ronaldo.

  7. England

    Not expected to do well for a change so who knows. Lots of young players. Time will tell.

  8. Wales

    Wales should not be underestimated. They are a good team, and if with Gareth Bale they could surprise a few teams. Don’t be surprised if they beat England in the group stages.