Summer of Matched Betting

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Summer of Matched Betting

So Leicester have officially been named as the Premier League Champions 2016! And with that we can look forward to an action packed summer of matched betting. In fact, there are so many money making opportunities this summer that we will struggle to keep track of them all, so I thought I’d write a short article to take a look at what we have to come!

Whats coming up?


Cup Finals

The Premier League season may be almost over, but there are still major trophies to play for. The FA Cup final, between Manchester United and Crystal Palace, is bound to bring offers from most bookmakers, and the same goes for the Champions League final between Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid.


Wimbledon brings plenty of matched betting opportunities. Its also great to watch! Hopefully Andy Murray can do the business. Come on Tim! Sorry…

Olympics in Rio

A bit of a weird one from a matched betting perspective as many of the main featured sports at the Olympics aren’t what we are used to betting on. However there are bound to be numerous money making opportunities. Races involving Usain Bolt are likely to feature heavily.

Euro 2016

The big one. There are going to be so many matches to profit from here. The majority will come from England games, so hopefully they stay in the competition long enough for us to rack up some serious cash! But even if we do get knocked out early there will still be plenty of chances.

Exciting Times!

So there you have it. There will be other events throughout the summer, but these are the big ones. Of course there will also be a load of horse racing offers on a daily basis as well. Plenty to look forward to!