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MatchedBox Review


MatchedBox has ceased to provide a matched betting service. I now use OddsMonkey. I will be publishing a full write up review of OddsMonkey (update: check out my OddsMonkey Review) but, in short, they are as good as MatchedBox and in some areas even better. OddsMonkey provides a free trial and it’s premium service is available at £15.00 per month on a special offer.


I’ve been a member of MatchedBox’s Premium membership for about 9 months and, in my opinion, it’s the best matched betting service around.


I’ve been matched betting for a few years now and for part of that I was doing it manually, but recently, I’ve been a big fan of MatchedBox (MB). So much so that I’ve rated it top in the Ultimate Matched Betting Review 2016.

MatchedBox claims to be able to show you how make £2000 a month on the premium membership. They provide all the instructions, training, support, offers, tools and community at a rock bottom price of £12.95 a month.


How does MatchedBox work?

I’ve embedded MatchedBox’s video below to help explain what it’s all about. I’ll let the team over at MatchedBox do the explaining. Watch the video.

Is MatchedBox legal?

Yes. The betting industry knows about it and, it’s been reported, that the industry is ok with matched betting.

Is MatchedBox a scam?

No. MatchedBox aren’t involved with the bets you place when doing the offers.

Is MatchedBox a get rich quick scheme?

No. Definitely not. You won’t get rich of this. It’ll help you make up to £2000 a month (claim) but realistically you’ll make somewhere between £500-£1500 a month depending on how much cash you have to do the offers, how many offers you can get through, and

How much does MatchedBox cost?

There are three subscriptions for MatchedBox and they are: Free Trial, Premium and Premium+.

MatchedBox Pricing

Free Trial Subscription

It’s ok to be not sure about matched betting. That’s why they offer a free trial so you can not just learn how to do it for free, but also get comfortable with matched betting itself. There is nothing like trying it out for size before buying. Grab yourself a free trial and I bet that you will go premium once you’re in profit.

On the free trial, you’ll get access to 3 starter offers which will help you make up to £60 profit. There is absolutely no commitment, no payment details required, just sign up, watch the video guides and follow it step by step. It’s that easy.

Premium Subscription

I’ve been a premium member for about 9 ish months now and since then I have doubled my profit. I used to do it manually, then I used a couple of other matched betting services, then I moved over to MatchedBox. Since then profits have gone through the roof.

The reason I’ve made more profit is that the site is just so much easier to use than the other services I’ve tried – Profit Accumulator (PA) and Professor Profit (PP). Plus, it’s a million times more effective using MatchedBox than doing it manually on your own.

The current price for MB’s premium is £12.95 per month which is half that of PA and slightly cheaper than PP. That prices is limited time only offer so not sure when it’ll finish.

Premium+ Subscription

You get exactly the same service as in the Premium subscription, but at a cheaper monthly rate when you pay quarterly (every 3 months). It works out at £11.65 per month.

Customer Support & Service

There support is pretty decent and pretty fast in my opinion. If you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to ask the team at MatchedBox, in the knowledge that they will provide sound advice.

Oddsmatching Software & Calculator

With all subscriptions you get access to the oddsmatching software and calculator. MatchedBox have put these both on one page to make it easier to sort out your lay and back bets.

Update: With MatchedBox v2.0 comes new on page oddsmatching software and calculator. So on each offer page you now get dedicated odds and calculator for each offer. This helpful addition will make matched betting that little bit easier and reduce the time it takes to place your odds. Always a good thing in my opinion.

MatchedBox V2.0

Released in February 2016, MatchedBox v2 is a nice addition to the site. It is definitely easier to use the site especially with a static sidebar. Everything is all in one nice app.

Below you can see what my dashboard looks like in v2. Clean and simple.



In my opinion, I like MatchedBox a lot. It’s now the only matched betting service I use and helped me make a few quid a month which is handy and is sub-£15. Can’t complain really.

Support is great, site is fast, and its cheap. Job done. Grab yourself a

Grab yourself a free trial now.