Matched Betting VPN

Matched Betting VPN. I have been asked a few times about using a VPN when matched betting. The short answer is, yes, use one.

Matched Betting VPN

I’ve been using a VPN since shortly after I started matched betting, and I don’t just use it for matched betting, as it helps improve online privacy and security.

What is a VPN?

Ok, with my geek hat on, a VPN is a way of securely and privately connect to the internet. It stands for Virtual Private Network.

Basically, you know your wireless router at home, you may have your phone, laptop, computer, console, all connected to it at the same time. It’s all connected and secured in your private home network.

A VPN pretty much acts in the same way but things outside of your home. So connected you via your VPN to the internet.

VPNs are legal and theres nothing dodgy about them. They’re used all over the world such as making secure connection to office business computers.

Do I need a Matched Betting VPN?

VPNs are useful (and it’s not about being dodgy) for matched betting. As betting companies track your IP Address (find out your IP address here), it may be useful, say for example if you have a student house or house share, to have your betting account separate from your housemates.

Basically, betting companies, check your IP Address against a database (along with other data) to check whether it’s been used before. Most, if not all, Universities will have had their IP Addresses blacklisted. That include campuses and residences.

I use a VPN, not just to ensure that my IP Address is unique, but to ensure a private and secure internet connection.

With hacking and snooping more commonplace than it’s ever been, having a VPN is another defence against those pesky criminals.

Free or Premium VPN for Matched Betting?

VPNs are relatively cheap. If you’re serious about matched betting, then you should spend a few quid using the right tools. Spend a few quid, to make a few thousand.

I wouldn’t recommend using a free VPN as it’s far too slow as they limit the connection speed. They also have a limited range of IP Addresses used on the free version, so you may use an IP that’s been used before which wouldn’t solve the issue of potential blacklisting.

I would recommend using a premium VPN as it’s faster, securer, and more private. You get the following benefits: keeps your browsing private and anonymous; access content from other countries; keep your identity safe; constantly fast speeds; many more servers from a variety of countries; and use streaming anonymously.

What VPN should I use for Matched Betting?

I recommend one VPN provider.

PureVPN for Matched Betting

Signing up to PureVPN is quick and easy plus installing takes a matter of minutes. There’s no hassle in getting a matched betting VPN from PureVPN.

You can buy one of two types of Premium VPN from PureVPN. The first is a single device plan and the second is a five device plan. I’ve got the five device plan for my computer, laptop, mobile and tablet, plus my partner’s mobile.

It’s useful to have the multi plan if you go abroad often and want to access sites limited to geography – such as watching a film.

You don’t need the multi device plan if you’re just using it for matched betting. The single device Premium plan will more than suffice.

Matched Betting VPNs Explained

Here’s a short vid from PureVPN explaining VPNs.