Make Extra Cash with Matched Betting Affiliate Programmes

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Make Extra Cash with Matched Betting Affiliate Programmes

There are other ways to make cash through matched betting, and it’s not actually matched betting itself, it’s called affiliate marketing.

I do some affiliate marketing, outside of matched betting, but have recently dipped my toe into affiliate marketing for matched betting.

Bear with me here.

Some matched betting services have affiliate programmes. They pay you to refer customers.

Basically, you get paid to refer people to matched betting services.

All you need to do is sign up to these programmes and share your unique affiliate link. Every purchase made through that link will be credited to you.

You will then earn commission based on how many people you refer, how much you help sell, or how much money you make for that company.

My Current Affiliate Programmes

For full disclosure, here are the matched betting affiliate programmes that I am currently signed up to:

  • MatchedBox (£10 recurring commission)
  • Profit Accumulator (terms state you can’t be an affiliate for other services)

Top Affiliate Marketing Tips

I have three tips that I always use when doing any affiliate marketing and I recommend that you use these two as it has done me well so far:

  1. Promote only products you use, recommend or have experience with
  2. Be honest and don’t be unfairly negative
  3. Disclose that you’re an affiliate and have affiliate links