Matched Betters, Beware Dodgy Bookmakers

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Matched Betters, Beware Dodgy Bookmakers

I read somewhere recently that there are around 200-250 online bookmakers which are ripe picking for matched betters.

Instantly, I thought wow. Even with an average free bet of say £10 and a profit of 70% from each free bet (£7) that you can make anywhere around £1400-£1750 without breaking a sweat.

Unfortunately, that advice from another site was a little too good to be true.

How do I know? I was chatting to the friend of mine, the one who introduced me to all of this, and he said that ‘There are a lot (of bookmakers) but they arent all respectable – a lot of them it will be near enough impossible to actually profit from the free bets’.

That was a little bit of a bubble burst, but it’s just one of the many untruths/myths on the internet about matched betting.

Just beware dodgy bookmakers. The easiest way to do this is to sign up to an assisted service, like MatchedBox, where they test and examine every free bet on the market and only bring you the respectable, risk-free matched betting opportunities.