Matched Betting Calculator / Lay Stake Calculator

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Matched Betting Calculator / Lay Stake Calculator

Matched Betting Calculator

A matched betting calculator is one of the most important tools in the Matched Betting tool box. It basically works out the amount you need to lay at the betting exchange in order to make a profit no matter the outcome. The maths can be worked out without it, but there’s no point as there are free versions available on the internet.

Free Matched Betting Calculator

Free matched betting calculator available at Oddsmonkey.

Using the lay stake calculator

To use the calculator, simply select the bet type (normal / free bet stake not returned / free bet stake returned) then enter the bet amount, the back odds, the lay odds and the lay commission. The calculator will then tell you the amount you should lay at the exchange. Not much else to be said about this tool, but if you’re not using it already should definitely should start using it now.

What is the difference between a Matched Betting Calculator and Matched Betting Software?

The matched betting calculator and matched betting software (oddsmatching software) are sometimes confused, but they are very different things. The oddsmatching software is used alongside the matched betting calculator to maximise profits.