Keeping Your Betting Accounts Healthy

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Keeping Your Betting Accounts Healthy

What does it mean to keep your betting accounts healthy?

You might be wondering, “how can a betting account be unhealthy?” This is a perfectly rational question to ask, as a betting account is not something that most people would consider to have health, let alone good or bad health! What are we talking about when we talk account the health of a betting account? We are talking about the way in which the betting company that is associated with the particular account, views us as a customer. Do they look at us as a regular customer who they are likely to make money out of? Or do they see us as a customer who is not taking any risks. We want the betting companies to see us as the first type of customer, a customer who they can make money out of. So why is this important? Lets take a look.

Why we want bookies to see us as regular punters

Keeping your betting accounts healthy is vitally important when matched betting. The reason for this is that betting companies can and will close your account if they do not see you as a profitable customer. It doesn’t even matter if you aren’t matched betting. If you win too often, place bets on high value odds, place bets with large stakes (just to name a few reasons), your account can be closed, limited to small stakes, or blocked from taking advantage promotions. This is obviously very bad from a matched betting point of view! Because if we can’t use out account, we cannot place bets!

How do I avoid my betting accounts being closed?

So how do we avoid this happening to us? There are a couple of things we can do to avoid our accounts being closed or limited. We basically have to step inside the mind of a regular gambler, and act as they would. A “regular” gambler would typically not bet on obscure sports such as netball or lacrosse. So avoid such random sports immediately. They also wouldn’t bet on events within random leagues, such as the football match KajHa v PK-37 in the Finnish Kakkonen C. Such behaviour will bring unwanted attention to our accounts.

How to blend in

To counteract this we will place our bets on mainstream events where there is a lot of money in the market. This will help us blend in. The other thing we can do is place MUG bets, see my previous articles for more information on those. A regular gambler wouldn’t always be betting on events with the highest possible value. If we are always placing bets that offer us great value, this will bring attention to our account, and alert the betting company that we aren’t the average Joe Bloggs customer.

Simple rules to keep accounts healthy

  1. Bet on mainstream events
  2. Don’t get greedy (don’t take the highest value odds all the time)
  3. Place regular MUG bets

Follow these simple rules and you should be ok!