Is this worth my time?

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Is this worth my time?

I recently read an article online that baffled me. Now I don’t baffle easy, so you know it must have been baffleworthy, yep thats a word. The author of the article was saying that matched betting isn’t worth the effort. In that the amount of time you put in to doing it wasn’t worth it for the amount of profit that would be made. Now, either the the author has no idea what they are talking about, or they have some other agenda for putting people off from doing it. As its a mystery to me why someone would make such comments. So in response I thought I would write a quick post to address exactly why and matched betting IS EXTREMELY profitable, and what you are doing wrong if you aren’t making a killing from it.

How much time are you spending?

watchEffective matched betting should only take you a short amount of time each day. In fact you don’t event have to do it every day. How much time you spend on it is entirely dependant on how much money you wish to make. But even if you are completing every offer available every day, you should only spend about 30-60 minutes a day doing so. Now considering you can make up to £1500 a month, if you spend 1 hour a day matched betting, this works out at about £50 an hour. Even if we were generous and said that you spent 2 hours a day matched betting, this is still an hourly wage of about £25. This is money that is definitely worth your time.

Its actually quite fun…

We often waste a large amount of time watching TV or browsing social media each day. With this in mind, it is bizarre to say that time spent matched betting is
time wasted. It is a fun activity that also earns you money. Even if you make £1 profit, its still more constructive than sitting watching TV!


As matched betting is a fun experience, it is easy to fall in to the trap of sitting around waiting for your bets to settle. If you do this, you will find yourself in front of your laptop for longer than you might expect. There is nothing wrong with doing this if this is what you want to do. But it is not necessary, as your bets will settle whether you are watching them or not!