Matched Betting Earnings: How much can you make from Matched Betting?

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Matched Betting Earnings: How much can you make from Matched Betting?

How much can you make from Matched Betting?

There’s no set answer as to how much you can make from matched betting as it depends on a number of factors. The amount of money you can earn per month from matched betting depends on the amount of money you have to start with and how much time you are willing to dedicate to it. Put simply; the more offers you can afford to do the more money you will make. If you start with a small balance (between £50-£300)  you will find that you can only do a couple of offers before all your money is tied up. You will then have to wait a few days for withdrawals to come through to your bank account before you can put the money into new offers. This is only a temporary problem, as after a month or two you will have made plenty, meaning you can carry out offers as you please. So if you do only have a small starting balance do not be disheartened.

Average Monthly Matched Betting Earnings

Turning to my own matched betting earnings. I currently average £1420 a month, putting in 1 hour a day. This is literally just from using offers on OddsMonkey and falls in line with the matched betting earnings that they claim you can make (up to £1500 a month). I started with a relatively small balance of £150 and managed to make over £500 in my first month, so if you’ve got more to start with you’re laughing. Even if you only have £50, you can still use that to gradually build up your balance. If you are serious about Matched Betting, there’s nothing to stop you getting that £1500 a month.

Special Events

Sometimes a special sporting event such as the World Cup or Wimbledon can be particularly profitable, with betting companies giving away loads of free bets. Check out how I got on during the Cheltenham Festival, this was a great week!

Guarantee Profits with a Service?

There are several service available that guarantee consistent monthly earnings of up to £2000, check out the options. I use OddsMonkey as my preferred matched betting service and have been happy with the results so far!

So how much can you make from Matched Betting?

My experience, it is up to £1500 a month that you can make from matched betting.