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Betting Exchanges

Betting Exchange – Which should you use?

Determining which betting exchange is best for you comes down to three factors:

  1. How much commission they charge
  2. How much money is in their markets
  3. How easy their website is to use

Now before we get started, we are not saying you should choose one exchange and stick to it. It’s best to have accounts with all the exchanges and use whichever one meets your needs in each particular situation. However, it is likely that you will have a favourite exchange that you predominantly use.

Today we are going to take a look at three of the best betting exchanges available and try to establish which is best suited to you.

The Exchanges


Commission: 5%
Money in Markets: High
Usability: Ridiculously easy to use
betfair rating
Betfair is the most famous exchange on our list. With is ease of use it is a great choice for any betting beginner. It is easy to navigate and you shouldn’t have any problems getting your bets matched. They charge 5% commission which is more than the others on the list, however because of how easy it is to use, we recommend it to complete betting novices.


Commission: 2%
Money in Markets: High
Usability: Easy to use
smarkets rating
Smarkets are a brilliant example of a betting exchange. With their commission at just 2% you can really increase your profits in the long run by using them over Betfair. Their website is not quite as easy to use as Betfair, however it is by no means difficult. Virtually faultless, Smarkets is our primary betting exchange.


Commission: 1% (on winning & losing bets)
Money in Markets: High
Usability: Easy to use
note: doesn’t currently offer horse racing
matchbook rating
Matchbook is great for football odds, and with a commission of just 1% (paid on winning and losing bets) they look like a great choice. The only drawback with Matchbook is that they do not currently offer horse racing odds. Considering horse racing offers play a huge role in matched betting, it just isn’t viable to use them as your primary betting exchange. However, they are a great account to have for football bets.

Which Betting Exchange is best?

Overall it must be said that the betting exchanges featured above are all great in their own way. Betfair is best for complete novices and Matchbook is good for football odds and its low commission. However, overall we believe Smarkets to be the best option.

Why we use Smarkets

With a commission of just 2%, you cannot go wrong with Smarkets. Its easy to use and we never have any problems getting our bets matched. By using Smarkets as our primary betting exchange, we ensure greater long-term profits than if we were paying the higher commission charged by Betfair. Overall it can be said there is no reason why Smarkets shouldn’t be used as your primary betting exchange. Visit Smarkets.