A different approach

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A different approach

I’d like to tell you about a new approach I recently took whilst completing an in-play risk free bet offer. Now before I get in to exactly what I did, I want to point out that I am not recommending this technique, just simply commenting on something I did. The reason I am not recommending this technique is because it is not 100% guaranteed to make profit, and therefore it could be argued that it doesn’t count as matched betting. Anyway, lets take a look at what happened…

What did I do?

This different approach to matched betting involved qualifying for a risk free in-play bet in the usual way but using the risk free in-play bet in a way that isn’t necessarily the norm. So for my risk free bet, I simply backed the draw just after the start of the match at odds of about 3.5. Now instead of immediately laying the draw at the exchange, I waited. As the match went on the lay odds decreased. After about half an hour, the match was still 0-0, and the lay odds for the draw had decreased dramatically. This now allowed me to place my lay bet at significantly better lay odds, allowing me to make a greater profit. It is worth noting, that if the score had either team scored the lay odds for the draw would have increased, meaning that I would not be able to place my lay bet to guarantee a profit. If this would have happened, I would have had to hope that the other team equalised in order to make a profit. The reason I was willing to take this risk was because it was a risk free bet, meaning that if the match had not gone my way, I would only incur a slight loss, from the qualifying bet.

Not the best idea

On this occasion I was fortunate that the match went as I predicted and I was able to make a good profit, however upon reflection it was not the best idea. Matched betting is about making guaranteed profits, and the technique I used did not guarantee a profit. Although I wasn’t risking a loss, I was not guaranteeing a profit, and this is not how you make consistent, significant, long term profits!