2016 Matched Betting Earnings Report

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2016 Matched Betting Earnings Report

So, now it’s 2017, hope you guys had a great NYE, and I’ve been looking over how much I earned last year from matched betting. I was pretty chuffed when I finally tallied up my income and the few small expenses I made.

2016 Matched Betting Earnings Report

So, how much did I make in 2016?

I made £11,235 in tax-free income 2016 just from matched betting. To be fair, most of the work was done by my matched betting software. I just followed their instructions to the letter and made a profit month after month.

I didn’t manage to go beyond the £1,000 tax-free per month goal that I had in my head but been quite busy with adulting.

What is matched betting?

Ok, simply put, matched betting is the process of extracting profits from online bookmakers regular offers and bonuses. It’s a simple process involving 4 bets, and a guaranteed risk-free profit.

I’ve covered what matched betting is quite a bit here on my blog – you can check out my matched betting guides for lots more information on it.

As a quick summary, it’s not a con, not illegal, not a get rich quick scheme, not dodgy, and you won’t get rich from it. The betting industry is cool with it. You do actually have to put some time in to make some cash, but it’s not hard, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do it.

Who can get involved in matched betting?

There are no real obstacles to anyone being involved in matched betting. No matter if you’re employed, self-employed, unemployed, or a student you can do matched betting. I think the basic requirements to ensure that you can withdraw your profits are:

  1. Register with bookmakers and betting exchanges using your home address (or family home if you’re a student)
  2. Best to get yourself on the electoral register at that home address (again, family home if you’re a student)
  3. You have bank and debit card register in your name and at the same address above
  4. Live and do matched betting in the UK (a Brit with the above can do this abroad using a VPN)
  5. Over 18 years of age

So, other than those real basic requirements anyone can get involved, young to old, rich to student, all can start earning tax-free profits from matched betting.

How much can I actually make?

Ok, so last year I averaged £936.25 tax-free per month. I roughly did about 1 hour a day per week (excluding weekends and far too often hangover day). So, it works out at about £50 per hour tax-free!.

All your profits from matched betting are tax-free because it is classed as gambling profits and therefore not taxable in the UK.

How do I get started?

It’s really simple to get started. You can just sign up to the matched betting software I use, OddsMonkey, on a free trial. They have loads of guides, training videos, and even better, on the free trial you can give matched betting a go and earn up to £45 tax-free. It’s free, just sign up, and if you think it’s for you, you can sign up to the Premium service (which I use) for just £15 per month and it gives you all the tools to make on average £1,000 tax-free per month by doing about an hour a day.